Here you can order a caricature drawing gift from the Czech artist Dagmar Kruskova for weddings, retirements, birthday presents, or any other occasion! From Porto and area around. I create live caricatures, studio caricatures and signing boards for weddings (on board or canvas), displayed during your drinks reception for your guests to sign.

My caricatures start at € 20 for b+w 1 person,, Couple: 35

  • in colors: € 30 for one person, Couple: 45

Do you want caricatures? I offer: 

Live Caricatures

My Live Caricatures are delightful entertainment and party favours for your guests at any kind of festive gathering.

Wedding receptions are a fantastic fit for my performance art!

My service area for events is in Porto and close area around. There is a two-hour minimum for all events. Depending on distance, there may be a three-hour or more minimum.

Studio caricatures from your photos!

You can choose B+W drawing or drawing in colours.

These can be done in several different formats, all are scanned and emailed to you to be printed at your location. Or I can also ship your caricature by CTT.

Or we can make an appointment in my studio in Vila Nova de Gaia or in Porto. 

Wedding specials

All I need from you is reference material – photos of you both and your wedding attire. The basic wedding caricature includes 2 full length caricatures, a plain one- or two-color background, and the couple’s names and wedding date. Additional items, such as pets, detailed backgrounds, etc. require a quote. Payment in full is required to start work. You will receive a sketch to approve before final color; one revision may be made at this point. Upon completion and approval, you will be emailed high-resolution jpeg files in three sizes: 2 x 3, 5 x 7, and 8 x 10. You can print them however/wherever you like for personal use.

I will also send you the original picture.

Usual turnaround time is two weeks from receipt of photos/payment. Please email me to discuss your order!

Live Caricatures

My hourly rate is € 80, with a two-hour minimum.

This rate is competitive with other highly-skilled professional caricature artists who are passionate about their craft. Your guests will receive a piece of original art that’s undeniably “them”. I keep my hourly rate consistent for allclients, so that everyone is treated fairly…meaning I do not discount or ‘deal’, work in return for exposure, or charge per drawing. (If your event is a fundraiser for a charitable cause, her suggestion is that a corporate or private individual sponsor the cost of booking – then the caricatures become the best kind of marketing you can have, something people hold on to and cherish. The generosity of the donor is noted on each drawing.

Details of Live Caricatures

How many caricatures can you do in an hour?

It depends on the type of caricatures. If I am drawing Black-and-White Shaded Faces (which is 95 % of my gigs) the speed is 10 faces per hour. If it’s line drawings only (no shading or background color) I can draw 12 faces per hour. The event name and date are pre-written on each paper, and I use a one-or-two-color background which fits your theme, school, wedding or corporate color. For color caricatures, I can generally do 8 per hour. If bodies are desired, they perhaps add another minute or two to each drawing. These are approximate speeds.It also depends on how quickly people get in and out of my chair, their age, if they are chatty, etc.

How many people can you fit on one paper? Do they all have to sit there at once?

I can fit four faces on one sheet. It takes the same amount of time as drawing them all singly. They don’t all have to sit at once – generally there’s only one or two chairs for my subjects.

What kind of space do you need to set up?

I use a portable slanted drawing table. The client provides me with two or three chairs—one for me, and one for my subject – two, if there will be many couples drawn. A small table is appreciated if possible–I can do without if necessary, but it’s nice to have a place for my sign, supplies, and for folks to put their drinks, etc. I also need access to an electrical outlet, for my easel lamp.

If the event is outdoors, I need full shade so that my subjects don’t squint. And please don’t seat me next to speakers or generators, so I can converse with your guests!

What size paper do you use?

I use A3 sturdy cover stock. A clear plastic bag is always provided with each caricature.

How many hours can you draw? Do you take breaks?

I do have a two-hour minimum for all events. If an event is quite far from me, I may ask for a three-hour minimum.

However, I can draw almost any amount of time. I’ve drawn practically non-stop for twelve hours at some festivals I’ve done! Most gigs are between the two-hour to five-hour range. As for breaks, I take brief ones only if necessary, as I want to draw as many of your guests as I can!

How do you deal with lines?

Generally, the best way is first-come, first-serve. Sign-in sheets generally don’t work as time is wasted looking for the next person if they wander off. The beauty of live caricature is that it entertains many while they are waiting to be drawn themselves! My scheduled drawing time is posted on a sign next to me so people will know when I am finished. If I am asked to stay longer, I note that on my sign, too.

I’d like to book you for my event. What do I do now?

Once you’ve emailed me for availability, I send a simple contract that lists the particulars of your party–client name, contact info, date, time, event location, and anything you’d like me to keep in mind (such as whether the event is a surprise, if there is a theme, what you’d like written on each paper, any special directions, etc.). I require a nonrefundable 1/3 deposit to hold your date for you (once I receive it, I turn down all other requests for my services for your time slot. If by some circumstance, I cannot do your event, I either refund your money or send a suitable replacement. Then I join you on your day and start drawing smiles and laughter! 


Dagmar made for us a perfect gift we wanted to give to our friend. We had ideas about the picture to be funny and personal. We sent just a photograph and she drew a quick sketch for us to know the composition. After that she created this picture, perfectly and on time!


Last summer during a visit by an old friend from California, my wife and I commissioned Dagmar to create a caricature portrait of the three of us. She did a brilliant job. Our friend said she will treasure it always as the perfect souvenir of our time together in Porto.

Mike Durnerin

Hi Dagmar! Thank you for the drawing! It was awesome! My husband loves it! We will frame it soon!


About Me

I love drawing and being creative. I began when I was a child up until now. Drawing portraits is a very special area of Art. More serious. Caricature drawing is the different look into your face.

Are you interested? Send me a message!